Core Values




We value our clients, integrity, and respect. At the core of all we value is the relationship we have with each of our partners. At the top of that relationship are the following:

  •  Responsiveness to the client
  • Providing services relevant to provider’s needs
  • Creatively and considerately collaborating with each partner
  • Problem solving and idea sharing – for mutually beneficial outcomes for all

To create that value, we place high on our priority list integrity and respect. This means:

  • We value a trusting environment
  • Each partner is treated in a respectful manner

We value providing a dedicated team to our partners that consists of:

  • “Can do” individuals that demonstrate determination
  • Dedicated to helping
  • Committed to the CAHIT mission
  • Demonstrating determination
  • Nurturing the team environment

We value stewardship.

  • Being good stewards of federal and state resources
  • Trusted with resources provided to us

We value knowledge.

  • We value gaining ongoing knowledge for the benefit of our partners
  • The testing of new ideas
  • The implementation of tried-and-true methods
  • We challenge past methods
  • We embrace and drive changes in the world of health information technology (HIT)

We value a learning environment.

  • We support learning and success
  • We promote positive learning

We encourage development and ongoing education