External Network Penetration Testing For Health IT

News stories abound about healthcare institutions being attacked by hackers who breached networks and stole patients’ information. This information, also called protected health information (PHI), has great value on the black market due to the abundance of detail it contains. Therefore, any organization who handles PHI needs to take measures to secure its health IT network from vulnerabilities. Consider that 20,000 patient records translate to $1 million in overall revenue to a hacker and potentially $40 million in cost to a healthcare system.

HealthPOINT’s external network penetration test is a controlled attempt at gaining access to a computer system or network from “outside” in order to detect vulnerabilities. It employs the same or similar techniques to those used in a genuine attack. The goal of the penetration test is to identify vulnerabilities in your network so you can take steps to secure it. The test also offers feedback with respect to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information maintained by and used by your organization.

Penetration testing can reveal to what extent the security of health IT systems is threatened by attacks from hackers, crackers, etc., and whether the security measures in place are currently capable of ensuring IT security. The professionals at HealthPOINT provide you with an Executive Summary Report and a detailed analysis to identify the high, medium and low risks associated with vulnerabilities detected in your network as well as the appropriate remediation steps you can take to fix issues.

Thorough penetration testing is no guarantee that a successful attack will not occur, but it does substantially reduce the probability of a successful attack.

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