Comprehensive, On-Site Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

A Security Risk Assessment completed by HealthPOINT does more than just address the Meaningful Use measure. It provides your organization with a snapshot of the actual security environment within your organization. During our onsite walk-through, we observe and talk with your staff about Protected Health Information (PHI), perform on-the-spot employee education, and look for areas with potential risk or noncompliance. The expertise of the HealthPOINT team provides an unbiased look into your organization’s true HIPAA security practices.

The deliverables provided to your organization include:

  • PHI inventory
  • Review of your HIPAA security policies
  • Summary documentation benchmarking your current areas of risk by high, medium and low
  • A final report providing an accurate, unbiased snapshot of the actual HIPAA practices
  • Notes from the onsite walk-through assessment detailing areas of non-compliance
  • recommendations on the steps your organization needs to take to correct risks
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For more information or a quote for an On-Site Security Risk Assessment (SRA), click here

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