Electronic Health Record (EHR) presents great operational challenges as well as opportunities for the improvement of patient care. Because adopting an EHR will change the flow of patients in your facility. It is important to think about the most efficient method for moving patients through the office.

Some important areas of workflow that need to be examined include:

  • Patient flow
  • Point-of-care documentation
  • Internal and external office communication
  • Document management

You should look at these aspects of your practice from an electronic point-of-view. Analyzing these issues before go-live will help maximize workflow efficiency and patient care once the EHR is installed.

The HealthPOINT team will work with you to document your existing workflow and identify ways to improve based on each staff member’s activity in the practice. In addition to looking for bottlenecks and inefficiencies, the HealthPOINT team can assist your staff in implementing the new workflows and tweaking them to fit your practice.

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